Upcoming enforcement of custom batch limits in Content API for Shopping

Beginning May 31, 2022 we will enforce the following limits for custom batch methods in the Content API for Shopping:
  • Maximum entries per request: 10,000
  • Maximum transfer size per request: 32Mb (The payload received from the client)
We’re introducing these limits to enable the fair and stable use of Content API for Shopping. The limits will apply to the following endpoints: After May 31, 2022, calls to any of these endpoints that exceed these limits will begin to fail with the following error:
  • request_too_large
Visit our batching guide to learn more about methods for reducing your batch size. If you are looking for a reasonable batch size to implement, we recommend 1,000 entries per request for each endpoint. Following this means you are unlikely to encounter the limits even if your batch size temporarily increases.

If you have any questions about implementing this change, please visit the Content API for Shopping forum.