Travel digitally with Google on World Tourism Day

September 27 is World Tourism Day - a time to celebrate tourism's ability to promote meaningful exchanges between people around the world, have fun, recall how travel helps us all recharge – and make a real difference by supporting livelihoods and protecting our heritage. 

This year may have changed our ability to travel across the globe, but our desire to experience new cultures, see far-off places or discover hidden gems in our own backyard has not diminished. 

Today, Google Arts & Culture has brought together a new collection to help anyone choose their perfect virtual travel with thousands of museums and cultural destinations to explore. And with the help of our partner CyArk, we've launched on Google Search 37 cultural heritage sites from across the world in Augmented Reality (AR). Hop from your couch and search on your mobile phone to bring the Moai statues of Ahu Ature Huki, Rapa Nui (Easter Island), the Brandenburg Gate in Germany, or the Maya pyramid of Chichén Itzá, Mexico right into your living room.

You can read more about what it takes for CyArk to capture just one site in "Documenting the Thomas Jefferson Memorial" and discover how this work helps global conservation efforts communicate the impacts of climate change to iconic places like Rapa Nui.

Continue your journey on Google Arts & Culture

There are plenty more sites to visit virtually: let Google Arts & Culture be your guide to discover some of the world’s most amazing destinations, from the Wonders of Mexico, the USA, France and many more to some amazing city breaks, action-packed adventures and paradise escapes.

Let your favorite creator take you on a tour

Finally, travel like a local, and explore Andalucia with YouTube creator Kikillo, join a virtual walk around Milan with Instagram creator Federica di Nardo, or listen to the sounds of Florence with The Whispering Traveller.

All this, and more than 10,000 destinations and 2,000 collections are ready to be explored on Google Arts & Culture at And if Augmented Reality really has you hooked, make sure to check out a few other cool things including Dinosaurs, the Skeletal System and Apollo 11 by looking them up in Google Search.