Top things to know from Google Play at Google I/O ’23

Posted by Tom Grinsted, Group Product Manager, Google Play

Here at Google Play, our mission is to support developers with the tools and opportunities you need to reach billions of people around the world. At this year’s Google I/O, we announced new tools, features, and updates to help your business thrive. If you missed this year’s event, check out our recap video below, or read on for our top 3 announcements from I/O.

#1: New custom store listing features

We’ve made three big updates to custom store listings, giving you more ways to deliver personalized content to a wider audience.

  • Re-engage lapsed users by showing them why they should give your app or game another chance with inactive user custom store listings
  • Create a seamless marketing funnel to increase conversions by directing users to specific custom store listings for your Google Ads App campaign ad groups
  • Mange more listings faster and easier with Store Listing Groups which allow you create a base listing, then modify specific elements for different audiences
Image showing a base listing as the primary template with modified elements for three different audiences, shown as the 'Halloween Group', via Store Listing Groups in Google Play
Create a base listing as your primary template and modify elements for different audiences with Store Listing Groups

#2: Generative AI and machine learning for store listings

Draft better content with less effort with our new experimental integrated AI helper. For example, if you’re writing a listing in English, you can now enter prompts like your intended audience and theme and it will generate a draft you can edit, discard, or use.

Moving image depicting drafting a store listing using a few prompts with the AI helper in Google Play
Draft an AI-generated store listing with just a few prompts

We’re also leveraging our machine learning technology to help you connect with users in their native language. More specifically, we’re launching a new machine translation feature in Play Console which uses Google Translate and new machine models for 10 language at no cost to Play developers.

#3: Price experiments

Finally, we launched price experiments for in-app products, which allows you to A/B test price points to better reach both new and existing buyers. You can set up experiments in minutes in Play Console, testing the price sensitivity of buyers for selected in-app products across different markets. Better understand buyer behavior with added support for key monetization metrics such as revenue uplift, revenue derived from new installers, buyer ratio, and orders, giving you statistical confidence in your decisions.

Screen capture of 'Lower price points in emerging markets' price experiment in Play Console
Find the right price point for your in-app products with our experiments tool in Play Console

If you’re not sure where to start, head over to strategic guidance in Play Console for a holistic view of your monetization data and influential performance metrics. Our new pricing features help you identify opportunities for growth to help you effectively generate revenue while uncovering opportunities for buyer conversion.

Learn more about how you can take advantage of price experiments here.

And that's our top 3 Google Play announcements from Google I/O 2023, but we launched so much more to help you grow with us - check out this blog post for more.