Top 10 ways to use Google Apps for Nonprofits

At your nonprofit, you are responsible for recruiting, communicating with staff, developing a marketing strategy, managing IT operations, fundraising, planning events, and more! Google Apps, which is free for nonprofits to access, is a great way for your nonprofit to streamline your work and operate efficiently. With that in mind, we wanted to share with you the Top 10 ways to use Google Apps for Nonprofits! This guide will cover ten essential tips on ways you can use Google Apps, along with interactive demos and articles to teach you how to use them. Let's go over one of these tips together!

A passionate team supporting your organization is critical to your nonprofit. You can quickly recruit, interview, and onboard prospective employees or volunteers using Google Apps. After interested candidates or volunteers submit their information through Forms, you can conduct interviews with your top choices from anywhere in the world with Hangouts. Using Sites, you can then then streamline the onboarding process with a website containing checklists, important information, and onboarding tasks.

Enroll in Google for Nonprofits to qualify for free access to the Google Apps suite today and use this helpful guide to learn more tips to support your organization.