‘Tis the season: Google brings holiday hours to Maps and Search

Ever trekked all the way to your favorite restaurant just to realize it’s closed for the holidays? Well, we have. Now Google Maps and Google Search will help you avoid that common holiday mistake. We've added holiday hours to Maps and Search, so when you search for a business and a major holiday is within the next seven days, you’ll see whether the business has a special holiday schedule. Not only will you avoid showing up to find the doors locked, but you’ll save time by not having to call the business or check the website for hours.

If you want to find out what’s open as the holiday draws close, just search for a place and if the holiday hours are listed, you’ll see them.

If you search for a business and the holiday hours aren’t listed, you’ll see a warning message alerting you that the actual hours may be different because of the holiday.

And if you want to find a nearby open coffee shop, restaurant or bakery, just use the “Open Now” filter and we’ll show you places that are open on these days.

We’ve got you covered pretty much everywhere you search and anywhere you go. Because holiday hours and warnings are available globally, if you happen to be celebrating Boxing Day in the UK or New Year’s Eve in Sweden, you’ll see info specific to the country you’re in. How’s that for traveling like a local?

Posted by Jonathan Sidi, Product Manager, Google Maps & Local Search

Source: Google LatLong