This week


This week, like every week, hundreds of millions of people will come to see you.

They will come to see what you believe, what you think, what you have to say. They’ll remember that they love who you are, what you do, and how you make them feel.

I know. I’m one of them.

But this week, after the unacceptable violence and racial injustice we all saw in the US, and following other tragedies around the world, they will come listening a little bit harder to hear a few things: like should they be scared, should they pick sides, should they hate more or love more. Should they tear somebody down or pick somebody up.

You have earned their love, their respect and their attention. Whether you ever intended it or not, your voice has enormous power to connect with your community. There’s no group of people on Earth that has more power to move people than you do.

How you use your voice is up to you. But if you can use it to help us all figure out how to live together in respect, to lend support to the Black community, to Dallas and to all the victims’ families, we need to hear it. I can’t do what you do, but change needs to happen, so let’s see what we can do together.

Susan Wojcicki
CEO, YouTube