The No-Nonsense Guide to Native Ads is now available in Spanish and Japanese

Thanks for your feedback on our recently launched The No-Nonsense Guide to Native Ads. We’re thrilled to announce that it’s now available in Spanish and Japanese.

For our Spanish and Japanese-speaking developer communities, we hope that this ebook will help you implement native ads, an ad format that effectively monetizes while preserving the user experience. Native ads match the look and feel of the content within your app and as spending on native ads is expected to grow to $21 billion in 2018, this presents a huge opportunity for publishers to enhance their user experience and tap into new revenues.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Guiding design principles that will help you better implement native ads 
  • Practical tips, best practices and examples for implementing native ads 
  • How to set up a proper A/B test to begin testing native ads 
  • Ways that AdMob can help you implement native ads. 

Download your free copy of The No-Nonsense Guide to Native Ads in Spanish and Japanese today and learn practical tips and best practices for implementing native ads in your app.

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Source: Inside AdMob