The Creative Job that Don Draper can’t get

Creative people come in many forms. Writer. Coder. Hacker. Painter. Film-maker. Blogger. Graffiti artist.

Google’s Creative Lab in Sydney is looking for five of Australia’s most creative people to be part of Five, a talent-finding initiative that has been running in NY and London for several years.

You would be playing at the intersection of creativity and technology - so this has to be a driving passion of yours (and we don’t mean just apps). You can see what Five has done elsewhere here, and an example of Creative Lab's local work here.

Even by Google standards, Sydney’s Lab is pretty unconventional, but it is (we hope) an empathetic and collaborative environment - no need for big-guns, rock-stars, or raging-egos. We’re more interested in people with creativity and passion, humility and insight, curiosity and a work ethic. Don Draper, please look elsewhere.

If you are one of those creative geek types and you think this sounds too good to be true then do something about it. It’s an open door. Please push hard.

Posted by Tom Uglow, Creative Lab