Have you migrated to Data API v3 yet?

If you’re already using or migrated to the YouTube Data API v3, you can stop reading and go watch this instead.

If you haven’t yet migrated from the previous API version (v2), we wanted to remind you it will be unsupported as of April 20, 2015, and shut down soon thereafter. To make it fast and easy for you to migrate, check out the new Migration Guide. It’ll help you identify the v3 API methods and parameters that correspond to the functionality that you've been using in the v2 API. It also points out new features that the v3 API supports.


The guide also lists functionality that is yet to be migrated as well as v2 features that will or might be deprecated, so you can check any feature your current app may be using and share feedback with us.

Once you’re done with that, join the rest of the folks who’ve migrated, kick back and enjoy this.