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Google Translate keeps getting better with your help

People use Google Translate a whole lot—we translate over 100 billion words a day! However, in the past, our translation systems have generally been better at making sense of government and business documents than in helping people casually communicate.

But that’s all changing thanks to people like you and a recent update we rolled out. So the next time you translate informal speech in Google Translate, you might just find a better translation. Here's an example of how it’s improved:
So how exactly are people like you impacting Google Translate? Well, with Translate Community hundreds of thousands of people have generously donated their time in service of cross-language communication. It’s fun and really easy: tell us what languages you speak; choose to either see a phrase and translate it on your own or correct current translations already in the system. Based on translations from the community, we will incorporate corrections and over time learn the language a little better.

There’s a whole lot more work to do, but with more help from everyday people through Translate Community, we can continue to improve the 90 languages we already speak and keep adding more.