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Teaming with TechHub to help the next generation of entrepreneurs in India succeed

Google began as a startup in a garage and we remain a startup at heart. We are strongly committed to supporting entrepreneurship all over the world, including India, and believe that with the right support, small ideas can grow into world-changing companies. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our partnership between Google for Entrepreneurs (GFE) and TechHub, a global community for tech entrepreneurs that works with over 700 companies around the world to help them scale, including in Bangalore.

The Google for Entrepreneurs team partners with startup communities around the world to help them grow, implement new programs, and connect to other leading startup organizations around the world. With this new partnership, TechHub Bangalore is now part of a global network.

We already partner with TechHub in London, Madrid and Warsaw and now TechHub members in Riga, Bucharest and Bangalore will for the first time have access to programs and assistance from Google.  This includes programs such as mentorship from local Googlers as well as those which leverage our network of over 40 partners, working in more than 125 countries from Kenya, Korea, to Spain, including six Campus locations that we operate ourselves.  Such initiatives include Google for Entrepreneurs international demo days, where selected startups will be eligible to pitch to leading Silicon Valley investors; and GFE Exchange, a series of week-long, vertically-specific global immersion programs aimed at helping startups gain access into new markets and insights, hosted by our partners and Campuses.

We are thrilled to support TechHub’s work to help hundreds of tech companies to scale up their businesses. TechHub membership gives each entrepreneur access to every TechHub in the world and all the programmes and opportunities available there including flagship events like Startup Funeral, and the monthly TechHubTuesday Demo Night. Around a third of members base their teams full time in one of TechHub’s spaces, with the majority of members accessing the benefits of TechHub through its rich programme designed to help startups face the challenges of building and growing a global tech company.

Our partnership with them also deepens the work Google teams are doing with Indian startups including our existing partnership with NASSCOM’s 10,000 Startups, the Google Developer Relations Launchpad Accelerator, and +GCP program.  It’s been amazing to watch the growth of Indian startup ecosystems in the past several years, with more than 4,200 startups, India today has the 3rd largest startup base in the world behind only to the US and United Kingdom. Indian entrepreneurs have created successful ecommerce businesses and are competing with global multinationals at home.  We continue to look for new ways to engage this vibrant tech ecosystem in India, and look forward to partnering with TechHub to extend our work with the startup community!

Posted by Genna McKeel, Partner Manager, Google for Entrepreneurs