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Changes to the URL Performance Report for YouTube video placements

What's changing?
The URL_PERFORMANCE_REPORT in the AdWords API will exclude information for YouTube video placements starting October 30, 2018, in keeping with our data retention policies. As a result, placements where the Url field has a domain of www.youtube.com will no longer appear in the report. New and improved placement reports will be available in one of the upcoming releases of the new Google Ads API.

What you should do
Review your application and workflows and make the necessary changes to ensure that the exclusion of video placements in this report will not cause problems. Watch this blog for updates regarding new placement reports in the Google Ads API.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact us via the forum.

Upcoming changes to mobile placement targets and exclusions

What's changing
Starting September 18, 2018, AdWords API requests that attempt to target or exclude a Placement criterion where the url is exactly adsenseformobileapps.com will fail and result in a CriterionError with reason INVALID_PLACEMENT_URL. You can read more about this change in the Google Ads help center.

What you should do
Modify your application so that it does not add the above Placement criterion via the AdWords API, and review and modify your mobile targeting to achieve your campaign goals. You will no longer be able to exclude all mobile apps from targeting using this Placement criterion, but you can refine your mobile app targeting and exclusions using any of the following criteria: For more details, check out the criteria usage grid that indicates which criterion types can be targeted and excluded at the campaign or ad group level. If you have any questions or need help, please contact us via the forum.