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What is Google’s Dev Library––a new open-source platform for developers

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Developers worldwide are creating open-source tools and tutorials; however, they have difficulty getting them discovered. The content published often spanned on many different sites—from GitHub to Medium. Therefore Google decided to create a space where the best projects related to Google technologies can be highlighted in one place—introducing the Dev Library, a curated archive of projects and articles built specifically using Google technologies.

Dev Library as a platform showcases blog posts and open source tools with easy-to-use navigation for these product areas: Machine Learning, Flutter, Firebase, Angular, Cloud, and Android.

What makes the Dev Library unique?

Not all the articles or projects submitted by you, get on the site! A team of Google experts look for accuracy and relevancy in each featured piece, so you know when you view the content on the site, it has the stamp of approval from Google.

How does it help me?

Visibility. Developers can have a hard time promoting and publicizing their learnings, despite extensive expertise. Dev Library is one such way to reach out to the world and say, "Hey! I have created this amazing project. Would you like to check it out"?

In addition, you also get to network with fellow contributors who are also using the Dev Library to showcase their projects.

To celebrate the efforts of our contributors, we created dedicated author pages for each person, allowing them to collate their projects in one place.

What content can I expect to see on the Dev Library?
To demonstrate the breadth of content on the site, here are some examples of published content pieces and video interviews with the developers who authored these posts:

What is the end goal?

Developers who know how to write well. Often we have witnessed developers with an entire portfolio of projects and knowledge bombs, still struggling to get it out there. But we need more developers writing about their work. Their struggles. Their code blocks. How their project was built up. And much more.

With the Dev Library, we somehow want to bring in that difference.

Upskill more developers to write well, market better, and reach out to a global audience waiting for long-form answers!

How can I support the Dev Library?
There are two ways you can help us grow the Developer Library:

  1. If you have great content that you would like to see published on the Dev Library, please submit it for review here.
  2. The team welcomes feedback, so if you have anything you’d like to see added or changed on the Dev Library site, please complete this short feedback form or file an issue on GitHub.

We can’t wait to receive your submissions and feedback!

Let Dev Library bring to you an amazing place to submit your open-source work.