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Recommendations in Google Ads API Roundup

Google Ads API now supports 25 different recommendation types including the most frequently used types. With the wide array of types available and documentation with examples to help you get started, there has never been a better time to get started retrieving and applying recommendations with Google Ads API!

Key suggested uses
Recommendations provide customized suggestions to help increase your campaigns' performance. Recommendations can introduce you to new, relevant features, help you get more out of your budget by improving your bidding, keywords, and ads, and can increase the overall performance and efficiency of your campaigns. Here are a few examples of how recommendations can help with the management of your account:
  • Avoid getting limited by budget this holiday season. With CAMPAIGN_BUDGET and FORECASTING_CAMPAIGN_BUDGET recommendation types you’ll be sure to keep your ads running, so potential customers can see them by preventing your campaign from under-performing due to a limited budget.
  • Expand the reach of your ads with USE_BROAD_MATCH_KEYWORD, which will update your keyword match types to show your ads to relevant potential customers.
  • Upgrade to Performance Max with UPGRADE_SMART_SHOPPING_CAMPAIGN_TO_PERFORMANCE_MAX and UPGRADE_LOCAL_CAMPAIGN_TO_PERFORMANCE_MAX, which will take care of migrating your existing Smart Shopping and Local Campaigns for you.
Implementation guide
To help you get started, check out our implementation guide and YouTube deep dive tutorial for tips.

Code examples
We’ve also put together these code examples to save you time getting up to speed with Recommendations in Google Ads API.