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Learn with us: Google Ads API webinars

Thank you to the 100+ viewers from 30 different countries who joined our Google Ads API webinars on Tuesday, May 22! We had some great questions during the Q&A and hope it was helpful for everyone who attended.

For those who couldn’t attend the live events, and for anyone who would like a copy of the presentation, both the slides and a video recording of the event are available below. You can find out more about the Google Ads API in our documentation. Please contact us via the forum if you have any questions.

Join us live at the Google Ads API webinars

A few weeks ago, we announced the beta release of the Google Ads API. We're offering an introductory look into this new API, at two different times: The presentation will cover the new API and its features. Topics include capabilities, architecture, set up, and your first API call.

Please submit your questions now so we can answer them in the webinar. We'd love to hear from you!

If you haven’t had a chance to sign up for the beta, you can still submit an application ahead of the webinar. Please contact us via the forum if you have any questions or need help.

Join the beta for the new AdWords API

Today we’re announcing the beta release of Google Ads API v0. The Google Ads API is the next generation of our current AdWords API, and it can be accessed via gRPC and JSON REST from a variety of client environments. As this API gradually rolls out, it will reach full parity with the current API.

What’s in the beta?
For the beta, you have the ability to manage search campaigns from creation all the way to reporting. By getting in early, you’ll get to:
  • Integrate newer technologies like gRPC or JSON REST into your product sooner.
  • Provide feedback when requested on the beta in order to influence the new Google Ads API.
  • Try out features such as the new Google Ads Query Language that gives more querying flexibility.
  • Start using the API to query metrics with the accompanying resources and then mutate those resources. For example, you can query all the keywords that have zero impressions and then immediately mutate those keywords to change their bids.
The functionality for Google Ads API v0 includes:
  • Creating, updating, and removing search campaigns.
  • Managing campaign budgets.
  • Managing ad groups in search campaigns.
  • Managing 5 different kinds of ads in search campaigns.
  • Setting shared and portfolio bidding strategies.
  • Setting up targeting using keywords in search campaigns.
  • Retrieving detailed advertiser information.
  • Reporting on various metrics for search campaigns.
Please see the release notes for more details.

How do I join the beta?
Anyone with an existing developer token can apply to join this beta by submitting an application. People who join the beta are expected to submit feedback in order to help us make improvements.

Once you are approved, start with the Get Started guide, and get familiar with our other guides. We’ve also created client libraries for Java, C#, and Ruby with examples to help get you started.

Where do I learn more?
To get started with the API, our team has put together resources: If you have any questions or need help, please contact us via the forum.