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Enabling Bengali publishers and advertisers

Bengali is the sixth most spoken language around the world – not a small feat, considering that there are over 7,000 living languages on our planet.

Starting today, we’re making it much easier for Bengali language publishers and advertisers to create relevant and engaging content in Bengali. To enable this, we are very pleased to announce that we have added Bengali, -- a language spoken by millions -- to the list of supported languages in both Google AdWords and Google AdSense.

What this means for publishers/content creators - Content creators who have websites and blogs in Bengali can now easily monetize their content and attract advertisers from across the globe.

To start monetizing your Bengali (Bangla) content website with Google AdSense:

  1. Check the AdSense program policies and make sure your website is compliant
  2. Add the AdSense code to start displaying relevant ads to your users
Welcome to AdSense!

What this means for advertisers - Starting today, advertisers can reach a large Bengali-reading audience globally and target them with Bengali-language search and display ads. Please visit the AdWords help center to set up and run search or display campaigns.

India has 234 million Indian language users who are online (compared to 175 million English web users) and we expect another 300 million Indian language users to come online in the next four years. The most important aspect of making the web more useful and meaningful for all of India is to make India’s Internet more representative of today’s India.

With the availability of Hindi, and today’s launch of Bengali language capabilities, we are working hard to ensure that digital advertising is keeping up with with the needs of an evolving Internet audience. Over the coming months, we will share more about our efforts to further build on this.

Posted by Shalini Girish, Director - Google Marketing Solutions, Google India