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Something new on the Google Takeout menu: +1’s

Two and a half weeks ago, we launched Google Takeout, and the response has been overwhelming: you want more data in Google Takeout! Well, we’ve heard you, and have a little more data to tide you over for now: Takeout now includes a list of the websites that you’ve +1’ed.

We’ve still got plenty more data to liberate -- including +1’s on stream posts and comments -- but we just wanted to give you a quick update.

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The Data Liberation Front Delivers Google Takeout

Since we began in 2007, the Data Liberation Front has been focused on one thing: making it easier for you to take your data in and out of Google. Our first step was to make it easier to get your data out of our products, one product at a time. While we’ve made great progress on this front, we’ve been on the lookout for even better ways to let you take your data out of Google.

Today we’re pleased to announce the Data Liberation Front’s first revolutionary product: Google Takeout.

Google Takeout lets you take your data out of multiple Google products in one fell swoop. Moreover, you’ll find that all your data is in portable and open formats‚ so it’s easy to import to other services quickly.

Today, we’re launching with five products:

These are just the beginning: we will be adding more Google products as time goes on, so stay tuned. For now, check out the settings menu in Google+ or visit google.com/takeout to give Takeout a try.

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Google Alerts: Now with More Liberation!

This week Google Alerts joins the expanding group of liberated Google products by launching a feature that allows you to export your alerts. You can now access all the data about your alerts (search terms, type, etc.) in CSV format.

To try it out:

  1. Head on over to Google Alerts

  2. Sign in

  3. Follow the link to the management page

  4. Click the "Export alerts" link, you will find it above the list of your alerts, on the right-hand side

If you don’t have a Google account, you will have to either create a Google account for your email address, or add the email address to an existing Google account.

Enjoy your cage-free data!

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Stickers From Data Liberation Farms

After talking about Data Liberation on This Week in Google, we've gotten a lot of requests for Data Liberation stickers. Well, if you want to become a member of the Data Liberation cooperative, we've got eggzactly what you're looking for, so to find out how to get a sticker, read on!

Our stickers are gorgeous full-color 3" x 5" vinyl stickers that look just as good on a laptop as they do on an egg carton, and if you'd like to get one, just send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

The Data Liberation Front
c/o Google
20 W. Kinzie, Floor 9
Chicago, IL 60610

Our lawyers told us that, unfortunately, we can't ship these stickers outside of the United States. Also, we won't be collecting your addresses for any purpose whatsoever--they're going right into the shredder for use as bedding in the henhouse!

The only thing that you need to send us is a self-addressed stamped envelope. If you're so inclined (and this is completely optional), drop in a postcard from your city and we'll add it to the collage on the wall of our barn (and we'll post pictures of it from time to time).

Of course--and this is also completely optional--we'd love to see the stickers in action, so once you get the sticker, please send a tweet to @dataliberation with a picture of the sticker at its new home--like this:

And lastly, no chickens were harmed in the production of these stickers. (although we did have a few nice omelets with hash browns. Mmmmm.... hash browns....)

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Google Docs Liberation Update

All your docs at once -- Today the Google Docs team is rolling out an upgrade to the bulk export feature launched in October. You can now export all of your documents (up to a maximum zip file size of 2 gigabytes) without having to scroll down to select them all. See Vijay's blog post for more information, plus some other useful features also being rolled out.

Chrome bookmarks -- We've been meaning to post a link to Kevin Tofel's post of a month ago explaining how to use Google Docs bulk export to share your Chrome bookmarks with other browsers. This was a feature that my colleague JJ Lueck quietly added, and we're thrilled that the world has noticed!

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The new Google Dashboard — A view into your data

The Data Liberation Front applauds the new Google Dashboard launched today. Transparency and control over your data is critical in the world of cloud computing. This new dashboard provides a world of information about your data in a very simple way. Take a moment today to try it out. You may just discover a few things you never knew about how you use Google.

To learn more about the Google Dashboard, see the post on Google's Official Blog.

Posted by JJ Lueck, Data Liberation Front

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Liberating Google Docs

A couple weeks ago, the Google Docs team launched a multi-file uploader to make it much easier for you to put files into the cloud. Today we're launching a new feature to make it much easier to get your content out: "Convert, Zip and Download."

Select one or more files and then click on "Export" from the "More Actions" menu. Next, pick the format (e.g. PDF, Microsoft Word, etc) you want for your exported files. Finally, click "Continue" and we'll give you a nice zip file to download that has all your content.

For now, you can "export" up to 500 MB of content in a single zip file, which is over 20,000 typical files. Sometimes it takes us a few minutes to export really large amounts of files, so instead of making you wait, we added an "Email when ready" option. We'll send you a link when the zip file is ready.

Give it features a whirl and let us know what you think.

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Liberate your Gmail with IMAP and Thunderbird

When we asked you what services you'd like to see liberated, Gmail came up several times. I have good news! Some of those requests are already available. Probably the best way to get your mail out of Gmail is with IMAP. A great place to start learning about IMAP is in the Gmail Help Center at


There are many IMAP clients available, but I like Thunderbird. It has the added bonus of being open source. Once you connect it to your Gmail account there are a lot of things you can do.

Andy asked to be able to
"Export Gmail email to mbox file. Even better if you can choose to just export messages with a given label, or those matching a search."

We don't have a great answer for the search part of your question, but with thunderbird, exporting a label is easy. Just right-click the folder (labels appear as folders in Thunderbird) and choose 'Import/Export' > 'Export folder.' By default Thunderbird exports messages as .mbox files.

Ludovic PIOT asked:
"We need to be able to import any ThunderBird or Apple Mail archived e-mails into our GMail account."

Once you have the data in Thunderbird, you can drag and drop folders straight onto the [Gmail] folder. Thunderbird will create a new label for you and populate it with the messages from the folder you dragged over.

Jorijn Smit asked for
"The ability to merge gmail accounts into one. I have a couple of addresses and it would be great if all these boxes could be merged. Not as in one accounts that checks mail of the other but full intergration of all apps."

For your Gmail messages you can connect both accounts to Thunderbird and drag and drop the messages from one account to the other. Remember to bring your filters to your new account too -- you can learn more about that at http://gmailblog.blogspot.com/2009/03/new-in-labs-filter-importexport.html.

There are lots of other ways to get at your Gmail data with an IMAP client like Thunderbird. Feel free to post your experiences and further questions as comments.

Daniel - First Colonel in the Data Liberation Front

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Orkut Friends Export Bug Fixed

Yesterday, in the process of adding additional security measures to Orkut Friends Export, we inadvertently introduced a bug that prevented users from exporting their contacts (instead, they were redirected to their Orkut home page). This bug was fixed this morning before 11AM CDT and users can once again export their contacts by going to their Friends page and clicking on the export button. I'd like to apologize for any inconvenience that this might have caused for Orkut users.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to reiterate our commitment to our users: You should be able to control the data you store in any of Google's products, and we will continue to work to make it easier for you to move your data in and out of our products. If, in the future, you encounter any issues with import or export from Google products, please don't hesitate to let us know. You can reach us on Twitter at @dataliberation.

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