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Google Docs Liberation Update

All your docs at once -- Today the Google Docs team is rolling out an upgrade to the bulk export feature launched in October. You can now export all of your documents (up to a maximum zip file size of 2 gigabytes) without having to scroll down to select them all. See Vijay's blog post for more information, plus some other useful features also being rolled out.

Chrome bookmarks -- We've been meaning to post a link to Kevin Tofel's post of a month ago explaining how to use Google Docs bulk export to share your Chrome bookmarks with other browsers. This was a feature that my colleague JJ Lueck quietly added, and we're thrilled that the world has noticed!

Source: Data Liberation

The new Google Dashboard — A view into your data

The Data Liberation Front applauds the new Google Dashboard launched today. Transparency and control over your data is critical in the world of cloud computing. This new dashboard provides a world of information about your data in a very simple way. Take a moment today to try it out. You may just discover a few things you never knew about how you use Google.

To learn more about the Google Dashboard, see the post on Google's Official Blog.

Posted by JJ Lueck, Data Liberation Front

Source: Data Liberation