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Game developer Balloon Island Increases Revenue by 150% with AdMob Mediation

"With AdMob taking care of the revenue part, we can focus on doing the fun part, which is making great games for our users.” - Tenny Woo, Direct and Frankie Lee, CTO

After working 20 years in a job that didn’t tap into his passion, Tenny Woo decided to quit in 2011 and start developing gaming apps to express his creativity. Today, he’s the managing director of Balloon Island, a successful Hong Kong-based mobile gaming company with more than 1M downloads and popular games like Ultimate Jewel, Star Gems and Lollipops series.

The problem
Balloon Island develops apps for both Android and iOS to make their games more widely accessible. Woo knew that it was important to sustain and grow his company. Woo decided to turn to AdMob because of its reputation for publisher support and global reach.

The solution
To keep user experience intact, Balloon Island used a combination of banner ads and interstitials, showing only relevant ads. After implementing ads, Balloon Island took advantage of AdMob mediation to ensure that it earned the most money possible for ad space.

The results
Balloon Island saw its revenue grow approximately 150% to $2K daily and its ad inventory increase to more than 4M daily, as a result of implementing AdMob mediation. Thanks to AdMob, Balloon Island has continued its growth and connected with users around the world.

Banner ad in Ultimate Jewel
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Posted by Henry Wang, AdMob Marketing

Source: Inside AdMob