Stricter field validation implemented for Doubleclick Bid Manager API

Beginning in June 2020, we rolled out stricter validation of long and integer request fields in the Doubleclick Bid Manager (DBM) API. This rollout finished in early August and now applies to all traffic.

This new request validation no longer allows the use of decimals in string values submitted for long and integer field types. Previously, an integer field in a request body would accept, for example, “123.0” as a permissible value. Now, identical requests will return an HTTP 400 error with status INVALID_ARGUMENT.

Before the implementation of this validation, the API truncated invalid values at the decimal point and the digits after it were ignored. You can replicate this previous behavior by truncating values at the decimal place before making a request.

Verify that your code converts values with decimals to longs and integers. If you receive an INVALID_ARGUMENT error, make sure your numbers are actual longs or integers.

If you need help adjusting for this new validation or want to report a separate issue, please contact us using our support contact form.