Start measuring your TV ads with the precision of digital

“The challenge with television is that there’s no link to click on,” says Alex Bain, Marketing Analyst for Nest. The company makes products for the thoughtful home, but was having a hard time understanding the effect of its TV ads on digital visits and sales.

That's why the Nest marketing team turned to the Google Analytics 360 Suite while running a set of six TV ads last holiday season. The suite's TV attribution features are designed to measure the impact of ads on search activity and website visits. As a result, Nest could see the channels and times of day where its ads had the most impact. The metrics arrive almost immediately, so the Nest team found itself spending less time trying to get answers and more time taking action on what they learned.

The good results that Nest is getting are available to anyone. Watch the video for more details.
 Post by, Suzanne Mumford Head of Marketing, Google Analytics 360 Suite