Spreading the News in New Languages

Posted by Brian Kemler, International Product Development

The next billion internet users are from all countries and corners of the globe. We want Google News to be there to greet them in their own languages to help satisfy their thirst for news.

Google News already supports 28 languages spanning 45 countries. Over the next few days we will add seven new language editions. Romanian is the first followed by Bahasa Indonesia, Bengali, Bulgarian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Thai. This effort will connect a potential new audience of over 260 million people to reporting that matters to them, delivered in their mother tongue on the web or our native Android or iOS mobile apps.

Whatever country people come from or language they speak, Google News is one place they turn to to discover facts, views and perspectives on the stories they care about. With these new editions, we hope we can help bring the news closer to more of our users. Look out for other language editions in the next few months.