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Spreading the News in New Languages

Posted by Brian Kemler, International Product Development

The next billion internet users are from all countries and corners of the globe. We want Google News to be there to greet them in their own languages to help satisfy their thirst for news.

Google News already supports 28 languages spanning 45 countries. Over the next few days we will add seven new language editions. Romanian is the first followed by Bahasa Indonesia, Bengali, Bulgarian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Thai. This effort will connect a potential new audience of over 260 million people to reporting that matters to them, delivered in their mother tongue on the web or our native Android or iOS mobile apps.

Whatever country people come from or language they speak, Google News is one place they turn to to discover facts, views and perspectives on the stories they care about. With these new editions, we hope we can help bring the news closer to more of our users. Look out for other language editions in the next few months.

Google News & Weather now on the Play store with a new look

UPDATE: The News & Weather App is now available on iOS here.

News happens 24/7. To keep up with a fast-paced news cycle, you need a fast-paced app. That was our objective in updating Google News and Weather. It makes the news easier to browse, simpler to digest, and more easily tailored to the news you care about.

Upgrade to the latest version of the app or download it from Google Play here -- including a new tablet version -- for the best of Google News:

  • Swipe through categories like Business, Technology and Sports or add your own sections for specific topics or places
  • Tap into any story for a variety of viewpoints, including in-depth articles, op-eds, and local perspectives
  • Get comprehensive coverage from over 65,000 publications worldwide, and a choice of more than 60 country-specific editions
  • Sign in with your Google account to take all your customizations with you when you access Google News from any device—phone, tablet, or desktop

We’re rolling out the app to all compatible Android devices and locations globally over the next few days, so stay tuned. We want as many users as possible to get a high quality Google News experience and look forward to launching on other platforms soon.

Introducing the Google News Publisher Center

UPDATE: And even more good news as the Publisher Center is now up and running in all countries where Google News has an edition. (Dec 16 2014)

UPDATE: The Publisher Center is now available for publishers in France, Italy, Germany and Spain as well as in all 21 countries where a Google News edition is available in English. (October 27 2014)

If you are a news publisher, your website has probably evolved and changed over time.  Until now, when you made changes to the structure of your site, we might not have discovered them unless you told us.  And that meant they might not have shown up in Google News, which in turn could have resulted in readers not seeing your great content.  To prevent this from happening, we are letting you make changes to our record of your news site using the just-launched Google News Publisher Center.

With the Publisher Center, you can benefit from better discovery and classification of your content and you can directly make the following changes:

  • Update your news site details, including changing your site name and labeling your publication with any relevant source labels (e.g., “Blog”, “Satire” or “Opinion”)
  • Update your section URLs when you change your site structure (e.g., when you add a new section such as or
  • Label your sections with a specific topic (e.g., “Technology” or “Politics”)

Try it out, or learn more about how to get started.

At the moment the tool is only available to publishers in the U.S. but we plan to introduce it in other countries soon and add more features.  In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you about what works well and what doesn’t.  Ultimately, our goal is to make this a platform where news publishers and Google News can work together to provide readers with the best, most diverse news on the web.

Helping Local News Thrive

In the digital era it’s easy to read stories from around the globe connecting us to a million different views and opinions. But what does that mean for local news? Where does the so called “Daily Bugle” fit into our regular diet of news consumption?

Well, despite the plethora of media outlets, most people cite the local paper as one of their top news sources. This is underlined by a National Newspaper Association survey that came out this month showing that two-thirds of residents in small towns across America depend on their local paper for news and information.

In order to ensure that community newspapers can endure, Google has developed a landmark deal with the Local Media Consortium. The partnership means this industry body - made up of more than 800 daily newspapers and 200 local broadcast stations - can tap into the power of Google’s ads technology to help fund and support the local journalism that so many people cherish and rely on.

For me that local touchstone is the Los Altos Town Crier and the Mountain View Voice, which help keep me up-to-date on the latest shenanigans over a new building development, news about the local high school sports teams, and the ever-fascinating police log.

To find out more details on this partnership, visit our DoubleClick Publisher blog.

Designing News for you on the go

Increasingly people are reading News “on the go” and using their smartphones to keep abreast of the latest happenings around the globe. Over the next few days Google News readers on Android and iOS devices will start to see a beautiful new version of the mobile web app that will provide an improved overall experience resulting in a kind of real time news desk for you on your phone.

Here are just some of the highlights:
  • Improved overall look-and-feel making it easier to read and track separate stories.
  • Ability to customize the webapp to suit your taste by changing the theme from light to dark, the font size and opting for a larger “story card” with more information per story at your fingertips (from the Settings menu, at top right).
  • Simplified navigation to any section within News; just click on the Google News icon (top left) to see a list of available sections (including any custom sections you created).
  • Easier integration with Google Feedback located in the menu at the top right.
Additionally we have ensured that some favorite desktop features have been included such as:
  • A weather gadget in the Local section.
  • The popular “Editors Picks” option.
  • Social posts from Google + related to the story are included in the article cluster.
We’re launching in the US first and plan to bring the same experience to all our international editions soon.

All this goodness is packaged in a browser so give it a try by just visiting from the Chrome/Safari browser on either Android or iOS phones.