Spotlight on a Young Scientist: Alexey Tarasov

Editor's note: We're celebrating this year's impressive 20 Google Science Fair finalist projects over 20 days in our Spotlight on a Young Scientist series. Learn more about each of these inspiring young people and hear what inspires them in their own words.

Name: Alexey Tarasov (Алексей Тарасов)

Home: Moscow, Russia

Age Category: 13-15

Project title: Using ternary logic on current electronics

Alexey had always been a computer science fan, but it was fixing a computer that really sparked his curiosity. He wondered why all modern day computers ran on binary logic, and if there might be a benefit to using ternary logic. Once he found out that a vintage USSR computer did, in fact, rely on ternary logic, he knew he wanted to test this logic on current electronics. Alexey’s model successfully used ternary logic, and he’s excited to create new ternary logic elements for integrated circuits and computer systems. 

What was the inspiration behind your project? 

I was inspired by the old Soviet project called "Setun."

When and why did you become interested in science? 

All my life I was interested in engineering. I was very interested in the structure of different devices and desired to create. This is what pushed me to study technologies.

What words of advice would you share with other young scientists? 

It's not enough to just discover something new. You need to make it useful for mankind. Good luck!