Shine On

Whether you’re hard at work or play, your laptop should reflect your style and let your true self shine through. We’ve thought a lot about how to mirror our users' needs in a new kind of laptop -- one that not only helps you work smart, but also look bright. Anyone will see themselves embracing the revolutionary glint of the Chrome Chromebook1.
Chrome Chromebook adds dazzle to the power of our best-in-class hardware and software, with shiny design facets to inspire a new generation.

Enjoy tungsten space-grade chrome engineering with revolutionary new microchrome technology, so it’s light -- in every sense of the word. The highly reflective chrome alloy case with two layers of automotive clear-coat creates infinite reflections, enveloping the Chrome Chromebook like a shimmering sheath. The platinum white backlit keyboard LED bounces light off a minimum of seven surfaces before striking the eye, and the included microfiber sleeve helps retain that just-unboxed glow.

Yet, even with these brilliant new features, Chrome Chromebooks are still about performance and function. With Chrome Chromebook’s radiant 4k lumen reflective properties and unheard-of pixel density, watching a movie rivals the beauty of staring into a solar eclipse. The magnificent CLED (Chrome Light-Emitting Diode) screen provides brightness settings that rival the Sun itself. You’ll be blinded by its sheer brilliance2.

Move toward the light. The Chrome Chromebook will be available for purchase online starting today in the U.S and will arrive in stores soon. Or if you can’t wait, try wrapping a Chromebook in tin foil to bask in the reflected glory. We hope you enjoy what’s next.

Be brilliant. Get a Chrome Chromebook.

Posted by Addison Nuding, Program Manager and Bringer of Bling

1/ This product is 100% chrome-free. Any similarity to actual chrome is purely fictional.

2/ Protective eyewear not included.