Safer Internet Day: Helping families stay safe online

The Internet has brought a number of incredible things to the world. But it’s also important that it be a safe space for families to explore, learn and enjoy together. Today, we’re launching the Google Safety Centre which includes advice from our partners and other parents at Google on how to be confident and savvy digital citizens. We’re also partnering with various organisations to get the message out and help users learn how to stay safe online.

It all starts with an open and ongoing conversation with our kids about staying safe on the web. Every family member needs to be aware of the dos and don’ts when it comes to using technology, and the consequences of inappropriate use. It’s also important that kids feel they can ask for guidance when they encounter tricky situations online.

Just as it is important for parents and kids to talk about building positive online behavior, we think it’s essential to equip families with the right tools to help them safely navigate the web. This is why Google continually invests in new safety features and partners with parents, teachers and NGOS to make the Internet better for everyone.

For example, turning on SafeSearch in Google Search or Safety Mode in YouTube helps filter out mature content that you might not want showing up on the family computer. Our safety features are not just available on computers and laptops, but on Android devices too. Doing something as simple as filtering apps in the Google Play store will give you control over the type of content that your kids can download to your device.

We hope you’ll take time to sit down with your kids and start the conversation about basic Internet safety with them today.

Posted by Ishtar Vij, Public Policy and Government Affairs, Google Australia & New Zealand