Announcing Deprecation of the Standalone Android Google AdMob SDK

Since joining Google Play services back in October 2013, Google Mobile Ads has added support for the following products:

  • AdMob
  • DoubleClick for Publishers
  • DoubleClick Ad Exchange

The new Google Mobile Ads APIs also offer additional features that the standalone Android SDK doesn’t have:

  • The new library has full support for the Android Advertising ID, and is compliant with the latest Google Play Ad Policy.
  • Google Play services offers automatic service updates via the Google Play store, so you get the benefit of always being on our latest and greatest mobile ads library without the hassle of having to update your apps.
  • The DoubleClick Ad Exchange JavaScript adapter is now included in the Google Play services library. This means you have one less dependency in your application, and you can be sure that the adapter will always be compatible with future Google Play services updates.

As part of the Google Play services 4.2 update, we are deprecating the standalone Android SDK in favor of the Google Play services library. The deprecation allows us to focus our development efforts on Google Play services and offer additional exciting features going forward. Here is the deprecation timeline:

  • On August 1, 2014, the Play Store will stop accepting new or updated apps that use the standalone Google AdMob SDK. The standalone SDK does not use the Advertising ID, and will therefore be non-compliant with the Google Play Ad Policy on this date.
  • We will stop offering technical support for questions specifically related to the standalone Android SDK on August 1, 2014.
  • Ad serving through the standalone SDK will continue to work after August 1, 2014.

There are currently no plans to stop serving ads through the standalone SDK, but we strongly encourage you to update your apps sooner rather than later to avoid the August 1, 2014 deadline. Note that the Google Play services library still supports the same devices -- you can still serve ads through this library even on devices that don’t have the Google Play store installed.

Be sure to refer to our migration guide to help you upgrade. If you have any questions about the deprecation or how to upgrade, post them on our forum. You can also stay tuned to ads-related SDK updates on the Google Ads Developers +Page.