Reflect on 2014 with New Tools in Google Trends

Today we released our annual wrap up of top trending searches around the world. Once you've had your fill, you may be interested to check out some updates in Google Trends and in your search results.

2014 Trending Topics in Search

Sometimes you just want to know what's been trending -- and today we're rolling out a simple way to explore 2014 trending topics in Search. Search for [2014 trending topics], [2014 trends] or similar queries in 45+ languages and you'll discover a new feature listing the top trends of the year based on Google Trends data.

Click on any of the topics listed to quickly perform a search and learn more, or click the menu to explore trends in 61 countries around the world.

Trending on YouTube in 27 countries 

The web is about much more than searching—it's about reading, sharing, listening, watching, creating... What if you want to explore the pulse of everything happening online?

Last month we took a small step in that direction, introducing a new feature to explore videos Trending on YouTube in the United States. Now you can explore videos trending on YouTube in 27 countries. Visit and click on “Trending on YouTube” and you'll discover a list of videos spiking in popularity.

The new YouTube lists in Google Trends are our most comprehensive and dynamic yet, taking Google Trends technology and building on earlier efforts that started with YouTube Trends and the YouTube Popular Now Channel. Depending on the day, you'll find up to 200 newly trending videos, so you can keep a pulse on the latest trending game highlights, late night satires, and Minecraft voiceovers.

Fresh design for a fresh new year Today we've also rolled out a number of design updates to the Google Trends website designed to make it simpler, cleaner, and more colorful. Among other tweaks, you'll notice an updated navigation menu, updated typography, spacing, and a refreshed design for Top Charts (home of our annual trending topics). Check it out and be sure to tell us what you think by clicking "Send Feedback" at the bottom of Google Trends pages.

Source: Inside Search