Ready to grow your coding skills? Registration is now open for Code Jam and Kickstart!

Looking to grow or test your coding skills? Don’t miss two of Google’s fun and challenging programming competitions — Kickstart and Code Jam.

Registration for Kickstart and Code Jam is open! These two programming competitions are designed for programmers of all levels looking to put their coding skills to the test. All of the problems are designed by a team of Google Engineers to inspire and challenge participants. People from across the globe are invited to join the fun! We have a community of current competitors, former participants, and fans of the competitions across Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and Facebook.

Here’s everything you need to know about Kickstart and Code Jam:

Kickstart: Want to grow your coding skills?

Throughout the year, Code Jam hosts online Kickstart rounds that give participants the opportunity to grow their coding abilities, while getting a glimpse into the programming skills needed for a technical career at Google. There are 8 rounds held throughout the year, and you can participate in one or join them all! Check out a recent YouTube Live where Google engineers walk through tips on how to solve Kickstart problems. If you want to practice before the official rounds, check out previous problems from the competition and try them out for yourself.

Register here for Kickstart before Round A on March 18th. You can find the full schedule of online rounds here.

Code Jam: Want to put your coding skills to the test?

Code Jam is Google’s longest-running, global programming competition. Join programmers around the world to challenge yourself, test your coding skills, and practice in a fast-paced environment. The top 1,000 contestants receive limited edition t-shirts featuring code from the previous year’s competition. The top 25 finalists will head to Google's office in Toronto, Canada to attend the World Finals where they'll compete for a cash prize of up to $15,000. We'll livestream the whole event for fans to join in the action! If you want to begin practicing, get started by working your way through previous problems, and join us for a practice session beginning March 23rd at 18:00 UTC.

Be sure to register for Code Jam before the online Qualification Round begins on April 6th. You can see the full Code Jam schedule here.

Whether you are a student or programming professional, contestants are eligible to participate in both Kickstart and Code Jam.

We hope to see you on the scoreboard!