Production troubleshooting with Cloud Debugger now available for Python

Do you love Python but hate tracking down bugs in production when time is of the essence? Cloud Debugger can help you identify the root-cause in a few clicks. With our lightning fast, low overhead debugger agent, you simply select the line of code and the debugger returns the local variables and a full stack trace when that line is next executed on any of your instances – all without halting your application or slowing down any requests.

Throughout this year we expanded support for Java projects for Google App Engine and Google Compute Engine. Recently we enabled support for Go projects on Compute Engine. Now Python developers can get in on the fun on App Engine and Compute Engine.

Cloud Debugger adds zero overhead on projects that are not being actively debugged. It also adds less than 10ms to request latency when capturing application state without blocking requests to your application.

With this release, Cloud Debugger is now available for Java, Python and Go projects. Try it out today. Support for additional programming languages and frameworks is in the works.

As always, we’d love direct feedback and will be monitoring Stack Overflow for issues and suggestions.

Posted by Keith Smith, Product Manager