Podcasters, welcome to Google Play Music

Google Play Music helps connect people with the perfect soundtrack for whatever they’re doing—whether they’re stuck in rush hour traffic, staying up late with friends or lifting weights at the gym. But what if that same technology and curation could help connect people with great podcasts based on their mood or interest—something to make them laugh, get lost in a story or learn something new? We thought that would be awesome, so we plan to start offering podcasts on Google Play Music, giving podcasters access to millions of new listeners on Android phones and tablets.

To that end, today we’re launching a portal for podcasters to start uploading their shows to Google Play Music before we open up the service to listeners. Along with direct searches and browsing for podcasts, the service will connect new listeners with podcasts based on what they’re doing, how they’re feeling, or what they’re interested in. Similar to our contextual playlists for music, this will give podcast fans and new listeners a way of finding and listening to content that’s unique to Google Play Music. Podcasters in the US can start uploading shows now at g.co/podcastportal.

We’re already working with more than a dozen of the most popular podcasters and networks to offer their shows when we open the service, including:
Dan Carlin
Dave Ramsey
Feral Audio
Gimlet Media
Head Gum
Loud Speakers Network
Nerdist / Legendary
Public Radio International
Radiotopia / PRX
Sideshow Network
Slate / Panoply
StarTalk Radio
This Week in Tech
Tim Ferriss
With more than one billion people using Google Play every month, there’s always something to watch, read, listen or play. And soon, you can add podcasts to that list. We’ll have more details to share in the coming months. For now, start uploading your podcasts at g.co/podcastportal.

Posted by Elias Roman, Product Manager, Google Play Music