Please Welcome Diane Bryant to Google Cloud

I am happy and excited to announce that Diane Bryant, former Group President at Intel, will be joining Google Cloud as our Chief Operating Officer. I can’t think of a person with more relevant experience and talents. She is an engineer with tremendous business focus and an outstanding thirty-year career in technology.

Most recently, Diane was head of Intel’s Data Center Group, which generated $17 billion in revenue in 2016. Over her five years as Group President, Diane expanded the business to additionally focus on pervasive cloud computing, network virtualization and the adoption of artificial intelligence solutions. Previously, Bryant was Intel’s Corporate Vice President and Chief Information Officer, where she was responsible for corporate-wide information technology solutions and services.  

Diane serves on the board of United Technologies. Throughout her career, Diane has worked to mentor and sponsor women in technology.

Google Cloud is the most technologically advanced, most highly available, and most open cloud in the world. We are growing at an extraordinary rate as we enable businesses to become smarter with data, increase their agility, collaborate and secure their information. Diane’s strategic acumen, technical knowledge and client focus will prove invaluable as we accelerate the scale and reach of Google Cloud.

I am personally looking forward to working closely with Diane Bryant as we enter what promises to be a great 2018 for Google Cloud.