On Air with the Google Apps Developer Team

Posted by Janet Traub, Program Manager, Google Apps APIs

The Google Apps Developer team recently hosted a 3-part Hangout On Air series that provided the developer community a unique opportunity to engage with the creative minds behind Google Apps developer tools. Each session covered topics ranging from business automation using Apps Script to Google Calendar API usage to creating Add-Ons for Docs & Sheets.

In the first installment of the series, Mike Harm, the creator of Apps Script and his colleague Kenzley Alphonse delivered a captivating session entitled, “Automate your Business with Apps Script.” Together, they reviewed the various features of Apps Script that can help developers build powerful solutions with Google Apps, such as simple scripts, to easily do a mail merge, export calendars into a Sheet, and to generate regularly scheduled reports.

The series then shifted focus to Google Calendar. In “Creating Calendar Events - Easy and Useful” Ali Ajdari Rad and Lucia Fedorova, product managers for Google Calendar, explained how developers can benefit from injecting content into users’ calendars. In addition, they reviewed different approaches on Google Calendar to create events and meetings, such as API features, email markups, Android intents, Calendar import, and more.

We concluded the series with “How to Increase Traffic to Your Add-On with Google Apps Script.” This session, delivered by Apps Script Product Manager, Saurabh Gupta and Mike Harm, gave developers an in depth understanding of the Add-Ons framework, steps to deployment and strategies to increase adoption of their Docs, Sheets and Forms Add-Ons.

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