Note-able news: Evernote to use Google Cloud Platform

Today, Evernote announced it’s moving to Google Cloud Platform to host its productivity service used by over 200 million people to store billions of notes and attachments. Consumers and businesses using Evernote — on the web or their device of choice — will soon benefit from the security, scalability and data processing power of Google’s public cloud infrastructure.

Moving to the public cloud was a natural progression for the company, as it looks to provide a seamless experience for its users and boost productivity with new features and services. Evernote initially built a private cloud infrastructure that serves users and data on any device, anywhere in the world. By moving its data center operations to Google’s cloud, Evernote can focus on its core competency: providing customers with the best experience for taking, organizing and archiving notes.

Evernote takes customer data protection seriously, so it’s no surprise that security was at the top of its list of selection criteria. With Google Cloud Platform, Evernote users will benefit from our world class security, while strengthening the company’s commitment to its own Three Laws of Data Protection.

Evernote evaluated multiple public cloud vendors and specifically chose Google Cloud Platform for our advanced data analytics and machine learning capabilities. By taking advantage of the advancements in machine learning such as voice recognition and translation, Evernote will continue to explore innovative new features that allow users to naturally capture their ideas at “the speed of thought.” You can learn more about Evernote’s plans and selection criteria here.

We here at Google Cloud Platform are excited to build on our partnership that began with the integration of Google Drive and Evernote. We welcome Evernote and look forward to the exciting journey ahead of us!