New Book: Learning Google AdWords and Google Analytics

This is a guest post by Benjamin Mangold. Benjamin is the Co-Founder of Loves Data, a Google Analytics Certified Partner. When he’s not seeking out insights, you will find Benjamin blogging, presenting or playing with the Measurement Protocol. 

A new book showing you how to make the best use of both Google Analytics and Google AdWords is now available. The book is called Learning Google AdWords and Google Analytics by Benjamin Mangold of Loves Data (a Google Analytics Certified Partner). Here’s what Benjamin says about the book:

“Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful business tool and the focus of this new book is to show you how to unlock the hidden value of your reports. There are lots of techniques and tips covered, making the book a very practical resource to get more out of your website data and your online advertising campaigns.” 

Google Analytics Advocate, Justin Cutroni says, “Benjamin brings all of the information you need to get started and to grow and take advantage of these powerful tools. What I really like is how he brings all of the information about both systems – AdWords and Analytics – together in one central place. He makes it easy to understand how to measure your AdWords campaigns in Google Analytics data. This makes the information very actionable, which is exactly what you want.”

The book includes a foreword by Avinash Kaushik who says, “It balances the critical strategic elements that need to be present in any digital discussion (jump to Chapter 5), and the tactical elements that you’ll find useful every day (for example, Chapter 13 or, my favorite, Chapter 21).”

Google Analytics topics covered in the book include:
  • Using the Multi-Channel Funnels reports
  • Interpreting reports to improve your website and marketing
  • Comprehensive overview of reports and interface features
  • Introduction to Google Tag Manager
The way you can use Google AdWords and Google Analytics together is also covered, showing you how you can take your search and display campaigns to the next level. 

Google AdWords topics include:
  • How to run successful Google AdWords campaigns
  • Advanced campaign configuration opportunities
  • Reporting on campaign performance and optimization
  • Setting up and running display campaigns
You can grab a copy now on Amazon in paperback or for your Kindle.

Posted by Benjamin Mangold, Google Analytics Certified Partner