MyGate securely connects its teams with Android Enterprise

Editor's note: Today’s post is by Ravi Mohan, General Manager, and Diwesh Sahai, Head of Engineering, for MyGate. The India-based company provides software for managing 20,000 residential housing communities throughout the country.

MyGate is a fast-growing company in India that aims to simplify the living experience in gated communities. Residents in over 20,000 communities across India use the MyGate mobile app to grant visitors entry, pay their leases, and get health and safety notices directly from management. 

Our app began with a focus on security management for residential communities, and has since become a central hub for updating residents about health and safety, and providing a marketplace for in-home services from third parties — with more features on the way. MyGate is currently used in over 3.5 million residences throughout India, and we’re continuing to scale our operations to bring these benefits to even more communities. 

Android Enterprise is key to keeping our employees connected no matter where their day takes them, thanks to strong security and effortless management. 

Finding the right balance with work profile

Our IT team uses Google endpoint management to enroll and manage our corporate-owned Android devices with the work profile. Our hybrid teams access Google Workspace from more than 2,000 devices, with a dedicated space for work apps in their profile.

Many of our teams prefer to complete quick tasks directly from their Android devices, like answering comments in a doc, replying to a thread in Gmail or updating a sheet.

Our sales teams are often on the go — regularly meeting with potential customers, checking in with current clients, and working from the office or at home. We use managed Google Play to enroll everyone’s device with the MyGate app, which our teams use to demonstrate to prospective customers how our service simplifies life in a gated housing community and gives residents a welcome and positive living experience.

Our employees are big fans of the work profile, especially the separation of company and personal apps. And our IT team appreciates the combination of security for company data and  privacy for our employees. We allowlist the specific apps that are essential to our employees’ daily work, so they always have them in the work profile. Managing updates and installing new apps through managed Google Play helps us keep everyone up to date with the tools they need. And employees like the privacy for the personal side of their device, with the ability to disconnect when they need to by pausing their work profile.

Keeping the connection

Android Enterprise also complements our growing Chrome OS device deployment. With our Chrome Enterprise upgrade management capabilities, we’ve been able to quickly give employees devices that are simple to enroll and ready to use. Google Meet has also been essential for team meetings and quick syncs, and has helped us securely scale our contact center team operations.

At MyGate, our goal is to provide safety and convenience to housing residents, right from their mobile device. By managing our company-owned smartphones with Android Enterprise, we are confident that we can scale quickly with strong data and device protection, and management controls for our security needs.