More ways to discover and manage services on Google Cloud Platform

The cloud console that our customers use to configure and manage Google Cloud Platform resources provides a single comprehensive location for all GCP services, from App Engine instances to viewing Logs to data processing. But which parts of the platform do you use?

Last month, all GCP customers were invited to start using the new console with features such as pinning and search. With overwhelming positive feedback, we’re pleased to announce its release to general availability.

“Wow! Looks great. I love the way you can pin stuff to the top menu. It makes switching between components much easier (notably App Engine and Datastore). I also like the way you can drill into components, so the UI is less cluttered.” - Gwyn Howell, Appogee HR

“The different areas are very well organized now. Very clean. I love that even the side menu can be searched. That is very useful since there are quite a lot of services.” - Noble Ackerson, LYNXFIT

Thank you for helping us improve the console by providing continual feedback during the beta. After some of you reported page loading latency, we discovered and fixed a bug in Angular Material. We also realigned the color palette to improve the experience after several of you noted that the original red palette for Storage could be misinterpreted as a warning bar.

To quickly review, the updated console now enables you to:

  • Pin each of your commonly-used services to the top of the console for fast access
  • Use the search box and its autocomplete options to easily locate the service you wish to manage
  • Access features in several different ways using the new global navigation options 
    • Open the hamburger menu to see all Cloud Platform offerings in one consolidated place
    • Use the keyboard shortcut (‘/’) to quickly enter into search based navigation
  • Focus solely on a single service and view all content within that service in one place
  • Identify and address issues from a configurable dashboard of your resources and services

When you click in the search bar and start typing, you'll see a dynamically populated set of results:

Figure 1: GCP cloud console search box
Clicking on the menu in the top left will expand the full list of available services and allow you to pin your commonly used items (by clicking on the Pin):
Figure 2: GCP console now allows you to pin favorite services.

We encourage you to give the new console a try and use the feedback button to let us know what you think.

- Posted by Stewart Fife, Product Manager, Google Cloud Platform