Meet your new travel guides

Exploring the hidden sites of a city or learning about fascinating places, people and stories can be fun on your own, but it becomes a whole new experience when having exceptional guides.

In the newest episodes of the Google Arts & Culture video series “Perspectives,” tennis champion and entrepreneur Venus Williams, award winning songwriter, actor and producer actor Lin-Manuel Miranda, South African music artists Busiswa and Muzi, and Olympic Mexican soccer star Daniela Espinosa invite you to go on a one of a kind virtual journey. Follow them for a fresh and personal take on different lands, cities, cultures or stories and get inspired to learn more or even visit yourself on day: 

Video with Venus Williams

Venus and female game changers

Travel back in time to the beginning of tennis with Venus Williams, and learn about the challenges women like Billie Jean King and Althea Gibson had to overcome to play equally.

Video with Lin-Manuel Miranda

From Broadway to Upper Manhattan with Lin-Manuel Miranda

Follow Lin-Manuel Miranda to discover the hidden gems of New York City, and explore how Jonathan Larson’s musicals on Broadway inspired him to become the artist he is today.

Video with Busiswa

Vibing through Jo’burg with Busiswa

Discover the vibe and diversity of Johannesburg with South African phenom singer Busiswa, as she takes you from trendy Newton Precinct to the symbolism of Vilakazi street, and shares how the Women’s March of 1956 resonates with her.

Video with Daniela Espinosa

Through Mexico with Daniela

Visit the sandy beaches of Cabo San Lucas or the incredible museums of Mexico City with Olympic soccer star Daniela Espinosa as your guide.

Video with Muzi

Understanding Muzi’s Durban and Johannesburg

Understand how the streets of Durban and Johannesburg have been playing an important role in South African DJ Muzi’s career and personal life.

These journeys are made possible thanks to our guides and the Google Arts & Culture partners whose exceptional stories are featured throughout our perspective video episodes. Ready for more? Take a look at previous episodes, including the Grammy-nominated Indian-American artist Raja Kumari taking us on a personal ride to temples in India on YouTube.