Meet AdSense Publisher Educación Inicial

Preschool teacher Marisol Godoy founded Educación Inicial when she was pregnant and had to spend many hours in bed. Full of ideas she’d never had the chance to write down, Educación Inicial became her archive of fun and educational projects for parents and other preschool teachers to enjoy with children.

Using AdSense, Marisol was able to start earning an income from Educación Inicial. In time she was making enough to give up her teaching job and run the website full-time with husband David.
Today the site has over five million regular contributors from all over the world. AdSense remains the site’s sole source of income, which gives Marisol and her husband the freedom to travel and spend time with their boys, who are now all grown up.

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Posted by Stacey Garcia
AdSense Marketing Manager

Source: Inside AdSense