Meet AdSense Publisher BuildEazy

Les Kenny was around 50 years old when he first used a computer. BuildEazy was his first website, designed to show people how to make everyday things out of wood. Every BuildEazy project, whether it’s a guinea pig hutch or a picnic table, comes with detailed plans, material lists, tool lists and step-by-step instructions, so anyone can give it a try.

What began as a hobby soon became a source of income as Les began dabbling with AdSense on the site. By experimenting with the position of ads, he went from earning a few dollars a day to a steady income.

Eventually Les was able to give up his day job as a building contractor and host BuildEazy full time, giving him the freedom to do what he loves (and hang out with the grandkids). He’s still authoring projects and BuildEazy is going from strength to strength.

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Posted by Stacey Garcia
AdSense Marketing Manager

Source: Inside AdSense