Meet a Googler: Peta-Gay Clarke, Community Manager, Code Next

This week we partnered with Accelerate with Google, a platform that levels the playing field for people with unequal access to technology and economic opportunity, to share how Peta began working at Google and what continues to inspire her everyday.
Photo credit: Olayinka Ajakaiye

How long have you been at Google?
2 years and 6 months

How did you find yourself working at Google?
I was working at Columbia University as their Deputy Director of IT for the Journalism School when I got a call from a few friends at Google about a Community Manager role within the Google Diversity division. I had been volunteering as a co-lead for the New York Chapter of Black Girls Code and had built relationships with many Googlers (Google employees) who often volunteered with us. As I learned more about the Community Manager role, I was really intrigued and decided to interview and eventually join the EDII team (Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, & Integrity).

So what exactly is your role?
The Code Next mission is to build social capital in Black and Latino neighborhoods by developing culturally engaging and community-centric tech innovation experiences in an effort to cultivate a new generation of transformational Black and Latino computer scientists. In my role, I manage all the relationships internally and externally as well as the operations to bring this mission to fruition.

What do you like most about working at Google?
There's a saying “If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.” Every room I've stepped into at Google has left me with more knowledge and a new way of thinking. I love that! Everyday I get to work with some of the smartest and most talented people in the world.

What inspires you about your work?
The youth! For a long time I've been super passionate about getting more young people of color into the tech field. It's rewarding to watch these kids learn, grow, and develop into tech leaders.

How does Google's culture support your mission?
Googlers are very supportive of this work. Right now, we have 40 Googlers who have signed up to mentor 40 of our Code Next kids for a year and 100+ Googlers who continue to volunteer their time with our program.

What energizes you?
So much...

(1) My family — I am single parent, so I owe all of my success to my family’s unwavering love and support.

(2) Technology for social good — The use of technology to improve outcomes for marginalized groups.

(3) Books — I am one of those people that buys more books than I could ever read. I used to feel guilty until my friend shared this article with me.