L’Oreal doubles anticipated revenue with Analytics 360 and DoubleClick Bid Manager

For a special holiday campaign, L'Oreal Canada wanted to build a special audience: the best potential customers for their artisinal Japanese brand Shu Uemura.

Using the Google Analytics 360 Suite, the L'Oreal team built an audience of people who had interests often shared with makeup users -- yoga, for instance, and certain types of travel. They used Google Analytics to bring these people to the Shu Uemura website, then ran DoubleClick banners to convert them into customers.

The results were game-changing: 2X the expected sales and a return on ad spend of 2200%. Now the L'Oreal Canada team is sharing what they've learned with all of L'Oreal's global brands.

If those kinds of numbers sound good, watch the video for more details.