Long Term Support Channel Update

LTS-96 has been updated in the LTS channel to 96.0.4664.202 (Platform Version: 14268.77.0) for most ChromeOS devices. Want to know more about Long-term Support? Click here

This update includes the following Security fixes:

1295786  High  CVE-2022-0796 uaf in blink::MediaInspectorContextImpl::CullPlayers(blink::WebString const&)

1294097 High CVE-2022-0794 Security: Heap-use-after-free in NearbyShareAction::HandleKeyboardEvent

1281908 High CVE-2022-0797 Security: DeserializeFromMessage should validate the message header

1279531 Medium CVE-2022-0469 heap-use-after-free in media_router::CastMediaSinkService::StartMdnsDiscovery

1284584 High CVE-2022-0452 Security: UAF in safe_browsing::DownloadRequestMaker::Start

1276331 High CVE-2022-0301 Security: heap-buffer-overflow around blink::mojom::WidgetInputHandlerProxy::DispatchEvent

1267627 Medium CVE-2022-0114 Security: Web Serial - Out of bound read in SerialPortUnderlyingSink::WriteData().

1292271 Medium CVE-2022-0808 Security: heap-use-after-free on ash/wm/desks/desks_controller.cc (chromeOS)

1285449 Medium CVE-2022-0610 Security: inappropriate implementation of reportBadMessage in GamepadMonitor::GamepadStartPolling

1291728 High CVE-2022-0793 Security: heap-use-after-free in base::ObserverList::RemoveObserver

1286940 High CVE-2022-0605 Security: heap-use-after-free in ProfileImpl::IsSameOrParent

1296150 High CVE-2022-0609 Security: [0-day] Use-After-Free in UpdateAnimationTiming

1273397 High CVE-2022-0604 Security: Heap-buffer-overflow in tabgroup

 Giuliana Pritchard 

 Google Chrome OS