Let’s talk about Policy! Partnership with Industry Associations, and Better Ads Standards

Thanks to your feedback around wanting more discussion of AdSense policies, we have created some new content on our AdSense YouTube channel in a series called “Let’s talk about Policy!”.

This month, we're talking about the Coalition for Better Ads, Better Ads Standards.

These standards were created by the Coalition for Better Ads to improve ad experiences for users across the web. Google is a member of the Coalition alongside other stakeholders within the industry. The Better Ads Standards were created with extensive consumer research to minimize annoying ad experiences across devices. The Standards are currently in place for users within North America and Europe, but we are advising all our publishers to abide by the standards to provide a quality user experience for your visitors and minimize the need to make changes in the future.

Check out our video discussing the Standards to learn more:

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Source: Inside AdSense