Keep your audience engaged post holidays

Congrats on completing the marathon. What happens now? 

You might notice a drop in your RPMs and impressions. Don’t panic, it’s ok. You didn’t do anything wrong it’s the January blues. Remember that RPMs and internet traffic drive spikes but can also drive drops. As internet traffic decreases after the holiday, it is common to experience a drop in January. This is your RPMs returning to normal. This represents a new opportunity for you to focus on retaining the audience you gained and experiment with your AdSense account. 

How to retain your audience? 

Top trending January 

Users are still online in January but their searches are different. This could be the time of a year for a perfect match between their searches and your content. Users have many topics on their radar, such as lifestyle, health and travel.

AdSense post seasonality calendar

Check Google Trends to find out what search queries were trending in your audience’s location last January.

What about the next few months?

January isn’t the right time of the year that matches with your content? Good news, there’s a lot of seasonal holidays to watch out for in the following months. Here’s a list of seasonal peaks in 2020. Let’s find yours.

AdSense seasonality for 2020

New year - new ideas 

If you are thinking of starting a new site, make sure to take a look at these AMP-first tips. Creating an AMP-first site gives you a high performance - faster page load time, better user experience on mobile and more overall traffic. Review the WordPress themes that make creating an AMP site easy. Create the site, install theme and install the AMP plugin

Learn more about themes.

Experiment with your AdSense account

It’s time to have some fun and try out some changes. Is there a feature you wanted to test before the holiday but didn’t get a chance to implement it? Why not try it now? Visit the Optimization tab in your AdSense account. It provides you with bespoke recommendations that could improve performance, and A/B experiments to help you make more informed decisions for your site. 

Learn more about opportunities and experiments.

End of quarter tip

End of quarter tip

Take note of each end of quarter in your region. Why? Advertisers tend to spend more at the end of each quarter when they have budget leftover. Remember, an increase in advertiser spent also means potential increase of RPMs.

Source: Inside AdSense