Introducing VRay GPU rendering and CaraVR support on Zync Render

Rendering visual effects is a great way to use state-of-the-art, pay-as-you-go cloud resources. Case in point, our Zync Render solution now leverages the recent release of NVIDIA GPUs on Google Cloud Platform with support for VRay GPU for Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max. Using Zync’s turnkey system and the hybrid render support in VRay 3.6, you can now spin up hundreds of GPUs on-demand to quickly render scenes optimized for VRay GPU workloads.

We also now support Foundry’s VR toolset CaraVR on ZYNC Render. Running on Zync Render, CaraVR users can now leverage the massive scalability of Google Compute Engine to stitch together their large virtual reality datasets.

Rendering on GCP can be cost-effective, too. We recently moved to per-second billing with a one-minute minimum (down from 10 minutes), opening you up to use Zync for even the smallest job.

Google Cloud’s suite of media and entertainment offerings is expansive – from content ingestion and creation to graphics rendering to distribution. Combined with our online video platform Anvato, core infrastructure offerings around compute, GPU and storage, cutting-edge machine learning and Hollywood studio-specific security engagements, Google Cloud provides comprehensive and end-to-end solutions for creative professionals to build media solutions of their choosing.

To learn more about Google Cloud in the media and entertainment field, visit our Google Cloud Media Solutions page. And to experience the power of GCP for yourself, sign up for a free trial at no cost.