Introducing the new Merchant Center Status Dashboard

At Google, we strive to provide the highest level of service possible to our users. Still, from time to time, unexpected service disruptions do occur. When your team experiences an outage or other technical challenge, one of the first evaluations they need to make is whether the issue is with a third-party service provider or in-house. As part of our commitment to transparency and speed when communicating the status of our products, and incidents when they happen to occur, we’re pleased to roll out the Merchant Center Status Dashboard.

Check the status of a service
A look at the Merchant Center Status Dashboard

If a major incident is identified, we will generally post an outage notice on the Dashboard and provide updates when the issue is resolved. If the dot is green, it means there are no issues. The Merchant Center Status Dashboard provides status information on the Content API for Shopping, Merchant Center, and Feeds.

You can check the dashboard to view the current status of any of those services. All incidents are first verified by our support engineers, so there may be a slight delay from the time they actually occurred. More information can be found on the Merchant Center Help Center.

Subscribe to the Status Dashboard RSS or JSON feeds
To get the fastest outage alerts, we recommend subscribing to the Status Dashboard RSS feed:
  1. Go to the Status Dashboard.
  2. At the bottom, click RSS Feed and copy the feed URL.
  3. In your RSS reader, paste the URL to add the Status Dashboard feed.
  4. If you want programmatic access to the Status Dashboard, for example to integrate it into your monitoring system, at the bottom, click JSON History.
Learn more
More information about the Status dashboard can be found on the Merchant Center Help Center.

To investigate the most common errors regarding the Content API for Shopping, check this page on our Developers site. For other errors or for general Content API support, visit the forum.