Introducing AdMob Campaigns, a powerful way to cross promote your apps and manage direct sold campaigns

Thousands of AdMob publishers leverage AdMob house ads to cross promote their apps and scale adoption of new apps to their existing users. Today, we’re taking this to the next level with the launch of AdMob Campaigns. We’re enriching our house ads functionality and adding direct sold capability to the AdMob platform. With this launch you can take advantage of:

  • Innovative formats: Use app promotion, image, text, HTML5, Video CTD ads that outperform legacy formats.
  • Advanced ad serving controls: Set four different goal types and allocate your inventory more efficiently with detailed performance reports such as campaign progress tracking. Run goal forecast to help predict whether your campaigns will meet their goals.
  • Best in class conversion tracking: Track your cross promotions using the same AdWords conversion tag, which is tightly integrated with third-party conversion trackers. No new tags required.

Going forward, you can manage all of your house ad campaigns and direct sold campaigns from one place. With AdMob, you can focus on building great apps while we do the hard work for you.

For more about AdMob Campaigns, visit our help center, and to stay connected on all things AdMob, follow our Twitter and Google+ pages.

Posted by Sarah Faulkner
Product Manager, AdMob

Source: Inside AdMob