Intern Spotlights – Daniel Wiskman

At Google, interns have the opportunity to work on some of the most cutting edge and innovative projects in the world. Interns also work across sales and other business functions, bringing a fresh perspective to the work done at Google. To show you just how much of an impact interns make and to highlight their unique experiences, we’re bringing you a special blog series: Google Intern Spotlights. This week, the spotlight is on Daniel Wiskman, a Business Intern in Google’s Dublin office. He was born in Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast but is currently living in Uppsala and attends a Master programme in Management, Communication and IT at Uppsala University.

Give us one fun, outlandish fact about yourself.
I built my first computer when I was nine years old, and yes, sometimes I ask myself why I gave up my engineering career.

What inspired you to apply to this internship?
It is not for the free food and the other perks, even though those are really amazing. The answer is actually quite simple. I wanted to join Google for the opportunity to learn from a group of really smart people. Another thing that attracted me about Google was the opportunity to work on cool, cutting edge projects and to really make a difference.
What team are you on? What stands out to you about your co-workers?
I am on the Nordics Small and Medium Business (SMB) Sales team, delivering customer sales experience to Google's Swedish advertisers. In sales we work with all kinds of businesses, from small, family-owned advertisers to big digital marketing agencies. The most interesting thing about my peers is that they are all really well rounded with unique backgrounds and talents. That means there is always something inspiring you can learn from them over a cup of coffee.

What’s your typical day like?
Every morning I start the day in the Google gym or attending one of the swim classes in our lap pool. I am a triathlete and currently preparing for a full Iron Man. Hence, I really appreciate Google’s fitness facilities and great food that is available in our cafes, which allow me to improve my work-life balance and focus on the training. From 9:00am to lunch time, I usually work on my two personal projects. At lunch time, I like scheduling catch ups with fellow interns or other interesting Googlers. If the weather is good, we have lunch on the rooftop terrace with a stunning view of Dublin. After lunch to around 6:00pm, I continue to work on my projects and ensure they are moving forward. I regularly schedule catch ups and meetings with my sponsors to keep them in the loop.  
An iconic graduation photo of my Noogler group when throwing up our caps
Has there been anything that has surprised you about working at Google?
One thing that has surprised me is how enthusiastic and helpful people are. They really try to grow the company as a team and everyone I have met during my internship has been really positive and supportive when I ask for help. Also, after being here for a couple weeks I found that interns at Google aren’t treated like interns, but rather as full-time employees. In fact, employees actually like that you have fresher ideas and want to listen and learn from you.

Do you have any words of advice to aspiring Google interns?
My best advice to students interested in Google is to do your research. Before you send in your resume, be curious and try to familiarize yourself with the company. For example, the company's values and current market trends. Try to understand, at least at a basic level, how the products, services and business model works. Start from the internship or role you are applying for and work outward. Doing your research can definitely be a great way to buff up your resume and answer interview questions more insightfully. That said, make sure that your resume and interview answers reflect your research.
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Posted by Ariana Palombo, Online Hiring and Insights Team