Improving the DCM API sunset process

One year ago we introduced a regular deprecation schedule for the DCM API. Since then, we've been listening closely to your feedback and looking for ways to improve. Today we're acting on this feedback and making a change to our announcement process, to address a common developer pain point.

Starting with the next release, we'll begin announcing sunset dates for the previous version, rather than the oldest version. This means that when v2.6 is released, a sunset date will be announced for v2.5. This small change means that the deprecation period for our releases will increase from 4 to 7 months, allowing developers more time to plan their migrations.

In order to transition to this new schedule, we're also announcing that the current previous version (v2.4) will sunset on November 30, 2016. Note that this version will be the last to provide a deprecation period shorter than 7 months.

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback. If you think there's something we could do to make this process even better, please let us know on our developer forum.